Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics
Student Name Topic Passing year Status: Ongoing/ Completed
Dr. Ishan Patel Effect of forsus fatigue resistant device versus bionatur on mandibular growth modulations 2014 Completed
Dr. Tapan Raval Effect of Rapid maxilally expansion on the nasal airway volume - a prospective clinical computed tomographic study 2014 Completed
Dr. Sunny Vavadiya Comparative cephalometric study between Indian and Caucasian population in Class I subjects using coben analysis 2014 Completed
Dr. Foram Thacker Comparing the efficacy of intrusive mechanics between conventional mechanics versus the skeletal anchored mechanics - a randomized control trial 2015 Completed
Dr. Kaushal Shah Comparison between clinical efficiency of self ligating and conventional bracket systems during initial alignment - A cohort based randomised controlled trial 2015 Completed
Dr. Shreyas Patel Effect of low level laser therapy on the acceleration of retraction of canine compared to conventional retraction - A split mouth randomized control trial 2015 Completed
Dr. Vijeta Patel Effect of micro-osteoperforations on the rate of tooth movement - A randomized control trial 2016 Completed
Dr. Darshan Mehta Upper lip morphologic changes in response to Upper incisor retraction in bidentoalveolar protrusion subjects involving all first premolar extractions: A retrospective cephalometric study in local gujarati community 2016 Completed
Dr. Maharshi Patel Effects of retraction of incisors in all first premolar extaction cases on upper airway volume: A retrospective cephalometric study 2016 Completed
Dr. Lavina Jagtiani A photometric study to test the validity of divine proportions as a base marker to assess treatment objectives as per the perception of aesthetics of local gujrati population 2017 Completed
Dr. Vatsal Ghoghari Validity, Reliability and Reproducibility of maxillary and mandibular teeth dimensions on digital study models vs plaster study models 2017 Completed
Dr. Tanu Shrivastava Evaluation of the accuracy of landmark identification as well as linear and angular measurements between 3D cone beamcomputed tomography (CBCT) generated cephalograms and 2D conventional digital cephalograms 2017 Completed
Dr. Mudrika Patel A prospective randomized clinical trial to measure and compare root resorption after 4 weeks of applicatin of various orthodontic forces: A scanning electron microscope study 2018 Completed
Dr. Ravina Patel Estimation of impacted maxillary canine position employing mensural dimensions derived from two conventional radiographs: lateral cephalogram and orthopantomogram - A radiographic study 2018 Completed
Dr. Nirali Tanna To assess the effects of a surgically assissted orthodontics: Piezocision on the duration and outcome of orthodontic treatment: A prospective randomized controlled trial 2018 Completed
Dr. Jimeet Bamania To compare the validity, reproducibility and reliability of measurements made on a digital study models obtained from intra oral scanning and conventional plaster study models 2019 Completed
Dr. Vrushali Dholakia Evaluating and comparing the effect of twin block appliance and forsus fatigue resistance device on the upper airway dimensions - A retrospective cephalometric study 2019 Completed
Dr. Kusum Gehlot To evaluate and compare the reproducibility, accuracy and reliability of cephalometric values derived from 2D conventional and 3D generated 2D cephalogram with direct measurements of dried human skulls using two digital softwares - A randomized controllled trial 2019 Completed
Dr. Milan Mashru Evaluation of facial changes in patients with Class II div 1 malocclusion with convex facial profile after treatment with functional appliance (Twin block) followed by fixed orthodontic mechanotherapy - A cephalometric study Ongoing
Dr. Ahuti Shah Improvement of PAR index score after non extraction and first premolar extraction treatment approach in Class I malocclusions Ongoing
Dr. Gunjan Trivedi Effect of incisor retraction on soft tissue airway dimension and position of hyoid bone in patients with bidento-alveolar protrusion with different craniofacial growth patterns treated with first premolar extraction - A 2D cephalometric study Ongoing
Dr. Hardik Rupapara Comparison of the shear bond strength of different brackets bonded with orthodontic resin and endodontic resin - An invitro study Ongoing
Dr. Neel Shah Comparison of frictional resistance between different brackets and stainless steel arch wire - An invitro study Ongoing
Dr. Avni Solanki Relationship between cranial base and jaw bases in different skeletal patterns - A retrospective cephalometric study Ongoing
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