Student Name Topic Passing year Status: Ongoing/ Completed
Dr. Sanket Shiyani Comparative Evaluation Of Surgical Scraping Technique And Diode Laser Ablation Technique For Aesthetic Management Of Gingival Hyperpigmentation-A Split Mouth Clinic-Histological Study 2014 Completed
Dr. Gaurav Khurana Human Fibrin Glue V/S Suture In Periodontal Surgery 2014 Completed
Dr. Dipali Patel Evaluation If Autologous Platelet Rich Fibrin In Treatment Of Infrabony Defects , A Clinic-Radiographic Study 2014 Completed
Dr. Ajesh Fadadu Clinical Efficacy Of Diode Laser Application As An Adjunct To Conventional Scaling And Root Planing 2015 Completed
Dr. Milly Trivedi Evaluation Of Glycosylated Haemoglobin Levels In Chronic Generalised Periodontitis Patients And Healthy Controls With And Without Type-2 Diabetes Following Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment 2015 Completed
Dr. Krishnan Saraiya Salivary Enzyme Levels After Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy In Patients With Chronic Periodontitis 2015 Completed
Dr. Shivani Shah Evaluation Of Commercially Available Biodegradable Tetracyline Fibres Therapy In Chronic Periodontitis 2016 Completed
Dr. Prerak Velani Effects Of Tetracycline Containing Gel And A Combination Of Tetracycline And Citric Acid-Containing Gel On Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy 2016 Completed
Dr. Swapnil Chandratre Effect Of Flapless Implant Surgery On Soft Tissue Profiles 2016 Completed
Dr. Ronak Modh Comparative Evaluation Of Hand And Power Driven Instruments On Root Surface Characteristics : A Scanning Electron Microscopy Study 2017 Completed
Dr.Meghna Jani In Vitro Effects Of Citric Acid Application Techniques On Dentin Surfaces- A Scanning Electron Microscopy Study 2017 Completed
Dr. Kinjal Gabani Comparison of fibrin clot adhesion to dentin conditioning with citric acid, tetracycline and EDTA: An in vitro SEM study 2018 Completed
Dr. Sagar Patel An evaluation of periodontal plastic surgical procedure for the reconstruction of interdental papillae in maxillary anterior region 2018 Completed
Dr. Ripal Shah Effect Of Non-Surgical Therapy On GCF-AST Levels In Chronic Periodontitis Patients –A Biochemical Study 2018 Completed
Dr. Aashay Shah Antiplaque efficacy of lemongrass oil mouthwash-An in-vitro study 2019 Completed
Dr. Deesha Chhaya Comparative clinical evaluation of coronally advanced flap with or without platelet rich fibrin membrane in the treatment of isolated gingival recession 2019 Completed
Dr. Dhwani patel Management of chronic periodontitis using subgingival irrigation of ozonized water: a clinical and microbiological study 2019 Completed
Dr. Dhvani Valvai Evaluation of alteration in serum lipid levels in patients with chronic periodontitis post periodontal therapy 2019 Completed
Dr.Vidhi Pandya Effectiveness of controlled release chlorhexidine chip (Periocol-CG) as an adjunct to scaling and root planing in the treatment of chronic periodontitis: A comparative study Ongoing
Dr.Sarita Mori Clinical and radiographic evaluation of efficacy of subgingivally delivered simvastatin in the treatment of patients with chronic periodontitis Ongoing
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