We believe that for an education to be consistently meaningful, it needs to be managed efficiently. The management team at DDU drafts policies and guidelines, oversees its implementation and takes care of the day-to-day administration as well as long-term plans. Here is the management structure.
Kushal Desai
Shri Kushal Desai - Serves as the President of the University.
Board of Governors
Shri Kushal N. Desai
Shri Chaitanya N. Desai
Dr. H. M. Desai
Shri Ankur H. Desai
Honourable Shri Dinsha Patel
Shri Anish Mankad
Shri Pankaj R. Patel
Prof. S. K. Khanna (ex-chairman: AICTE)
Dr. N. R. Dave
Shri Nirupam Nanavati
Shri Harshad Dalal
Prof. D. G. Panchal
Dr. B. S. Jathal
Registrar - Member Secretary
Vice Chancellor
Dr. H. M. Desai
An educationist, technocrat, academic and philanthropist, Dr. H. M. Desai has striven to serve the local and global community through science, engineering and technical education. In an illustrious career spanning over 5 decades, he has grown from a lecturer to a principal, to finally becoming the Vice Chancellor for two universities of national repute: Gujarat University and Dharmsinh Desai University. He has been the President of Association of Indian Universities (AIU). He is also a Member of the Royal Society of Chemists, London (UK) and a Member of American Institute of Chemical Engineers (USA).
In addition to education, Dr. H. M. Desai also spearheads the philanthropic causes of DDU. He was instrumental in organising the organ donation drive that saw DDU being recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records. He not only established the ultra-modern Dental College and Dental Hospital at DDU, but also ensured that it is accessible to the poorest of people.
Academic Council
Vice Chancellor, DDU
Prof. D.G. Panchal, Dean, Faculty of Technology, DDU
Dr. Hiren Patel, Dean, Faculty of Dental Sciences, DDU
Dr. P.A. Joshi, Prof., Chemical Engg. Department, DDU
Dr. Naresh K. Patel, Faculty of MIS, DDU
Dr. B.N. Suhagia, Faculty of Pharmacy, DDU
Dr. R.N. Mishra, PRL, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad
Dr. Ravindra Dholakia, IIM, Ahmedabad
Shri Pratul Shroff, MD, eInfochips, Ahmedabad
Dr. K.S. Dasgupta, Director, IISST, Department of Space, Valiamala, Thiruvananthapuram
Prof. Rajanikant Jain
Prof. Rajanikant Jain - Serves as registrar to the university.
Finance Committee
Dr. H. M. Desai
Dr. B. S. Jathal
Prof. D. G. Panchal
Prof. N. S. Shah
Prof. M. R. Bhavsar
Prof. R. K. Jain
Board of Studies
Faculty of Technology
Faculty of Dental Science
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Management and Information Science
  • Prof. D. G. Panchal, Dean, Faculty of Technology
  • Dr. Hiren Patel, Dean, Faculty of Dental Science
  • Dr. B. N. Suhagia, Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Prof. Naresh K. Patel, Dean Faculty of Management & Info. Science
Board of Sports
  • Prof. R.K. Jain, Registrar
  • Deans
Prof. D. G. Panchal, Dean, Faculty of Technology
Dr. Hiren Patel, Dean, Faculty of Dental Science
Dr. Suhagia, Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy
Dr. Naresh.K. Patel , Dean, Faculty of Mgmt & Info Science
Dr. Nimish Joshi, Head, BBA - Constituent College
  • Faculty of Dental Science
Dr. Sumit Satwara
Dr. Hitesh Dewan
  • Constituent Colleges
Prof. Diptanshu Bhatt
Prof. G. V. Desai
  • Physical Education Teachers
Shri Gautam Chauhan
Shri B.R. Zala
  • IQAC Coordinator
Dr. N. K. Patel
Ms. Anjali Thakur, Women Sports Coordinator
  • Faculty of Technology
Prof. G. D. Basan (Mechanical Dept.)
Prof. M. S. Rao (CH)
Prof. Purvang Dalal (EC)
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
Prof. Tushar Patel
Prof. Nayan Patel
Controller of Examinations
Prof. M.R. Bhavsar
Internal Quality Assurance Cell(IQAC)
Anti-Ragging Notification
Ragging is strictly prohibited and stringent measures are taken to ensure that. Faculty-wise anti-ragging squad are in place and recommendations by Raghavan Committee on this matter have been implemented.
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