Instrumentation & Control Engineering
Measurement and control are two parameters which are critical to the smooth functioning of any system, especially the process industries. To serve the industry with highly knowledgeable and skilled engineers, Instrumentation & Control Engineering (I&CE) Department was established in the year 1985. With a vision to produce technocrats in the field of process control and instrumentation, the department has enabled its students, who are now working at many prestigious firms and proving their mettle.
To lead the field of Instrumentation and Control engineering towards inclusive excellence through integration of teaching, learning and industry interaction, advancement of the knowledge base by multidisciplinary research, innovations, scholarships and services to the society.
Set-up a mechanism for creating better quality professionals in Instrumentation and Control Engineering to match the needs of industries. Adapt systems and methods for meaningful collaboration with stakeholders. Take-up socially relevant and nationally important issues and problems as project assignments. Inculcate creativity, entrepreneurial attitude and values amongst learners.
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The Department - At a Glance
Highly skilled and knowledgeable faculty members with two doctorates, eight postgraduates and a graduate
The faculty members have participated in national and international workshops, and paper presentations at numerous technical forums
Majority of the students are placed in prominent blue chip companies
For the benefit of students under TEQIP World Bank scheme, the Department has introduced new laboratories in the field of Bio-medical Instrumentation, Distributed Control System (DCS), Industrial Electronics, Power Electronics, Communication Technique and Process Control
Department also holds ADAM's card for SCADA system along with other sophisticated equipment like Computerised process control trainer, Process instrument trainer, Microcontroller trainer with interfacing modules, Industrial electronic trainers, PID controller trainer and Peak controller trainer kit
Various industrial visits are also organised for providing practical exposure to the students
Adding to its pride, the department also runs student sections of ISA (Instrumentation Systems and Automation society), which is a USA-based professional society, for the growth and development of the students in accordance with their peers in different parts of the world
Under these sections, students are acquainted with new developments in automation engineering by various subject workshops and exhaustive expert lecture series
The department owns licensed copy of many highly expensive software in the field of instrumentation like LABVIEW, MOKSHA and WONDERWARE SCADA, to name a few
An excellent placement cell which looks after the placement activities and works on the personality development of students. In fact, the cell takes care of the overall development of students apart from academics
The department moulds the students keeping in mind, the needs of industry as well as the needs of society, and thereby reinforcing that at DDU, we not only make good engineers, but also good human beings
The department is fully equipped with the latest equipment and world class instruments to keep pace with recent developments in the field of instrumentation
Programming and Simulation Laboratory
(a)Computer Terminals with internet connectivity - 30
(b) Laser Printers - 1
Area - 45 sq.m
Electronics Laboratory
Area - 45 sq.m
Measurement and Instrumentation Laboratory
List of Major Equipment:
(a) Control Valve Characteristics Trainer
(b) Pneumatic Actuators Trainer Kit
(c) PLC Trainer Kit
(d) Level Control Trainer
(e) PID Controller Trainer Kit
(f) Pressure Control Trainer
(g) Temperature Control Trainer
Area - 45 sq.m
Process and Automation Laboratory
List of Major Equipment:
(a) DCS Trainer with Plant
(b) SCADA Trainer kit
(c) LVDT Trainer Kit
(d) I/P and P/I Trainer Kit
(e) Stain Gauge kit
(f) PH Measurement Kit
(g) Humidity Measurement Kit
(h) Proximity type sensor kit
Area - 45 sq.m
Biomedical Control System and Robotics Laboratory
List of Major Equipment:
(a) Treadmill Test Machine with PC Interface
(b) Multi Parameter Patient Monitor System (Biological Parameter)
(c) Single Chanel ECG machine
(d) Furnace Temperature Monitoring and Control System with PC interface
(e) Flow Measurement Skid
(f) Pressure Monitoring and Control Skid with PC Interface
(g) Data Acquisition Trainer Kit
(g) Automated Bottle Filling Plant with SIMENSE PLC
Area - 45 sq.m
Automation System Laboratory

Automation System
Mitsubishi Factory Automation Laboratory

Mitsubishi Factory Automation
E-Yantra Robotics Laboratory

E-Yantra Robotics
Board of Studies
The Department is governed by a Board of Studies which includes:
Prof. (Dr.) V. A. Shah
Professor and Head
Prof. Chirag S. Dalal
Associate Professor
Prof. Jignesh G. Bhatt
Associate Professor
Dr. Himanshu. R. Patel
Assistant Professor
Prof. (Dr.) Chetan Bhatt (External Expert)
Principal, Government Engineering College (GEC), Gandhinagar
Shri Jagdish Shukla (External Expert)
Director, Servilink Systems Pvt. Ltd., Vadodara
Faculty Members
The faculty members are experts in their respective fields of Instrumentation & Control Engineering. The esteemed faculty includes:
Dr. Vipul A. Shah
Dr. Vipul A. Shah
Dean & Incharge Head
Experience: 27 Years
AICTE Faculty ID: 1-4794909126
Chirag S. Dalal
Chirag S. Dalal
Associate Professor
Experience: 30 Years
AICTE Faculty ID: 1-4796315840
Jignesh G. Bhatt
Dr. Jignesh G. Bhatt
Associate Professor
Experience: 23 Years
AICTE Faculty ID: 1-4796974032
Shweta Gaur
Shweta Gaur
Assistant Professor
Experience: 14 Years
AICTE Faculty ID: 1-4797695132
Himanshukumar R. Patel
Dr. Himanshukumar R. Patel
Assistant Professor
Experience: 9 Years
AICTE Faculty ID: 1-4797946568
Rinal V. Mistry
Rinal V. Mistry
Assistant Professor
Experience: 14 Years
AICTE Faculty ID: 1-4798439394
Heta S.Shah
Heta S.Shah
Assistant Professor
Experience: 7 Years
AICTE Faculty ID: 1-4798564124
Non Teaching Staff
Mr. Jaykumar H. Patel
Jaykumar H. Patel
Lab Assistant
Experience: 13 Years
Ongoing Projects
Completed Projects
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