The corporate world is as dynamic as the world it inhabits. The industry-focussed and application-oriented graduate and post graduate programmes of the Faculty of Management and Information Science (FMIS) equip students to swiftly adapt to and master this constantly changing environment. The Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), houses the best brains and the best talent in terms of their students. Students, in the two - year stint at FMS, are exposed to the best in academic expertise and industrial exposure. The presence of large PSUs and various industrial establishments provides students the opportunity of interacting with the corporates, gaining hands-on expereience and gathering of managing efficiently.
The institute creates a fertile ground for sharing multiple viewpoints and preparing for leadership in a global work place. Its commitment to diversity is deep. The interactions that occur daily in the FMS community provide a challenging atmosphere that helps students to grow and develop skills they would need in order to excel in carious fields. The faculty, students and alumni are linked through a common quest for life-long learning. Teaching and learning at FMS are collaborated, which reward the students with higher level of knowledge, insight and understanding. Classroom discussions are lively and competitive.
The institute, through its Two-year full time various programme, serves actively to promote the cause of management education.
Following courses are being offered at the FMIS:
Postgraduate Programmes
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of Computer Application (MCA)
  • Ph. D. (in Management)
  • Customised Management Development
  • Programmes for working professionals
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