Chairman : Dr. H.M.Desai , Vice Chancellor
Vice Chairman : Mr. A.H.Desai , Campus Director
Members Academicians    
Prof. V A Shah   Dean - Faculty of Technology  
Prof. Dr B N Suhagia   Dean – Faculty of Pharmacy  
Prof. Dr Hiren Patel   Dean – Faculty of Dental science  
Dr. N K Patel   Dean – Faculty of Management & Information Science  
Dr. Arun H Vyas   Dean - Medical Science and Research  
Dr. Atindra Shukla   Director - SSCSSNT  
Dr. Vimal Gandhi   Faculty of Technology  
Dr. Purvang Dalal   Faculty of Technology  
Dr. Tejas Patel   Faculty of Pharmacy  
Dr. Frince Thomas   Faculty of Management & Information Science  
Dr. Hetul Patel   Faculty of Dental science  
Dr. Jwalit Mehta   Medical Science and Research  
Administrative Officers    
Prof. M R Bhavsar   Incharge Registrar and Controller of Exam – DDU, Nadiad  
Honorable Collector   Kheda district, Nadiad  
District Superintendent of Police   Nadiad  
Alumni Members    
Mr. Yatindra Sharma   MD, KHS Machinery Pvt Ltd  
Mr. Jaimin Shah   MD & CEO, Dev Information Technology Ltd  
Mr. Parthiv C Vyas   Chief Engineer (D & V) , SSNNL , Vadodara  
Mr. Nilesh Ranpura   Delivery Manager-ASIC, Einfochips Ltd  
Student Members    
Digvijay S Kadu   Student Representative - FoT  
Arva Patel   Student Representative - FOD  
Sainikit Mudan   Student Representative - FoM  
Jha Bhaskar Shivjeevan   Student Representative - FoMIS  
Devamsh Vijaykumar Thakar   Student Representative - FoP  
Coordinator IQAC    
Dr. M S Rao   Coordinator IQAC  
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