Conservative & Endodontics
Student Name Topic Passing year Status: Ongoing/ Completed
Dr. Ronak Patel In vitro study of sealing ability of 3 different obturating techniques; lateral condensation, Ultrafil 3D and Gutta Flow II 2014 Completed
Dr. Chintan Makadia Comparative evaluation of fracture resistance of endodontically treated teeth using 3 different post systems ; cast post and core, stainless steelpost and glass fibre post; an in vitro study 2014 Completed
Dr. Parth Sakaria In vitro study comparing cutting efficiency of 4 different rotary instruments; Hyflex CM, Hero Shaper, Race and Profile 2014 Completed
Dr. Yesha Jathal Comparative evaluation of apical and coronal sealing ability of MTA Plus, SealApex and zinc oxide eugenol as a sealer- an invitro study 2015 Completed
Dr. Suhani Patel Comparison between immediate and delayed post space preparation on the apical seal prepared by hand protaper instruments- An invitro study 2015 Completed
Dr. Vacha Patel Comparison of sealing ability of MTA and 3 conventional restorative materials over gutta percha as sealing materal- an In vitro study 2015 Completed
Dr. Jesal Amin Effect of 10% carbamide peroxide bleaching gel on marginal integrity of tooth colored restorative materials- an Invitro study 2016 Completed
Dr. Urshita Jikar Stereomicroscopic dye penetration study evaluating the sealing ability of 3 different furcal repair materials- an in Vitro study 2016 Completed
Dr. Suraj Lotlikar In Vitro study of comparative stereomicroscopic evaluation of marginal seal between MTA, glass ionomer cement and biodentine as root end filling materials using 1% methylene blue as tracer 2016 Completed
Dr. Ajaz Goplani In Vitro evaluation of microleakage in Class V preparation restored with 4 different materials; GIC, RMGIC, Nano hybrid composite flowable and microhybrid packable composite 2017 Completed
Dr. Ghanshyam Patel Effect of post Length and type of luting agent on the dislodging time of metallic prefabricated posts by using ultrasonic vibration- in Vitro study 2017 Completed
Dr. Sanju Patel Fracture Resistance of root filled teeth with different obturating materials- in Vitro Study 2017 Completed
Dr. Amee Patel Comparison of dental damage caused during canal preparation using different file systems- An in Vitro study 2018 Completed
Dr. Chandni Nayak Evaluation of gingival microleakage in Class II composite restorations with different lining materials- an in Vitro Study 2018 Completed
Dr. Rutu Doshi Measurement of Apical extrusion of debris using different hand and rotary systems – an in Vitro Study 2018 Completed
Dr. Shivani Doshi Comparative Evaluation of canal transportation, canal centring ability and remaining dentin thickness using Protaper, MTwo and WaveOne file system using CBCT- in vitro sudy 2019 Completed
Dr. Nihit Shah Comparative evaluation of four obturating materials; lateral condensation, Ultrafil 3D, Gutta flow, warm vertical compaction in artificial internal resorptive cavity- an Invitro study 2019 Completed
Dr. Jhanvi Vaviya Evaluation of efficacy of 3 three different rotary file system in removal of gutta percha- in vitro study 2019 Completed
Dr. Prachi Maniar Effect of different final irrigation solutions on fracture resistance of endodontically treated teeth- an In Vitro study Ongoing
Dr. Priyanka Patel Evaluation of post operative pain using hand files, reciprocating files and rotary single file system- in Vivo study Ongoing
Dr. Huma Sheikh Clinical evaluation of remaining dentin thickness using MTA and Dycal in Indirect Pulp capping on permanent molars- an in VIVO study Ongoing
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