Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Student Name Topic Passing year Status: Ongoing/ Completed
Dr. Yash Soni Radiographic Analysis Of Impacted Mandibular Third Molar :AN Invitro Study Of 1000 Orthopantomogram 2015 Completed
Dr. Jigar Thakkar Comparison Between Buccal Fat Pad And Nasolabial Flap In Surgical Management Of Oral Submucous Fibrosis 2015 Completed
Dr. Parth Shah Evaluation Of Immediate Loading Of Implants In The Maxillary Esathetic Zone -INVIVO Study 2015 Completed
Dr.Pankaj Hotchandani To Evaluate The Efficacy And Stability Of Modified Subperiosteal Implant And Initial Nine Month Post Implant And Prosthesis Placement Assesment In Severly Atrophied Edentulous Areas A Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial 2017 Completed
Dr. Shaswat Diwan Effect Of Concentrated Growth Factors In Bone Regeneration In Extraction Socket 2017 Completed
Dr. Parth Parikh Evaluation Of Bite Force In Mandibular Fracture With Various Treatment Modalities 2018 Completed
Dr.Shripal Jani Evaluation Of Periodontal Probing Depth Distal To Second Molar After Surgical Extraction Of Adjacent Mandibular Third Molar 2018 Completed
Dr. Enosh Steward Effect Of Platelet Rich Plasma Injection And Topical Application Of Concentrated Growth Factor In Androgenetic Alopecia 2018 Completed
Dr. Siddharth Deliwala Comparison Of Intraoral Versus Extraoral Approach In Fixation Of Mandibular Angle Fracture 2019 Completed
Dr. Vivek Rayththa Comparative Study Of Millard’s Rotational Advancement Flap Technique And Hensison Randall’s Triangular Flap Technique For Surgical Correction Of Unilateral Cleft Lip Deformity 2019 Completed
Dr. Maitree Bavishi Evaluation Of Tmj Arthrocentesis In Patients With Wilke’s Stage Two And Three Tmj Disorders 2019 Completed
Dr Surya Singh Comparitive Study Coronoid Length In Osmf Patients And Normal Individuals Ongoing
Dr Palak Mehta Comaparative Stufy Of Healing Of Extraction Socket With And/Or Without Simvastatin At Hundread Extraction Sites Ongoing
Dr. Parth Suthar 3-D Titanium Miniplates As A Viable Treatment Modality In The Osteosynthesis Of Middle Third Facial Fractures Ongoing
Dr. Bhavin Masariya Efficacy And Versatility Of Topical 5-Fluorouracil In The Management Of Recurrent Lesions Of Jaws Ongoing
Dr. Dishant Vyas Immediate Implant Placement Using Socket Sheild Technique Ongoing
Dr.Chirag Raval Comparative Evaluation Of Open Reduction And Internal Fixation Using Delta Plate Vs Close Reduction In Management Of Mandibular Condylar Fracture Ongoing
Dr. Rajvi Desai Coronectomy:A Surgical Option For Impacted Third Molars In Close Proximity To The Inferior Aleolar Nerve Ongoing
Dr.Yatin Rupareliya Management Of Atrophic Ridge And Its Rehabilitation By Osseodensification Technique Ongoing
Dr Harshad Nakum Comparison Arthrocenthesis Vs Inj Prp + Ha Ongoing
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