Master of Pharmacy Postgraduate Program
Course Duration
Two-year master degree course
Total Intake
15 students per Branch
1 Year
Semester I
Common to all branch :
Modern Pharmaceutical Analytical Techniques
Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology:
Subject 1 Drug Delivery Systems
Subject 2 Modern Pharmaceutics
Subject 3 Regulatory Affair
Subject 4 Pharmaceutics Practical I
Quality Assurance :
Subject 1 Quality Management Systems
Subject 2 Quality Control And Quality Assurance
Subject 3 Product Development And Technology Transfer
Subject 4 Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance Practical I
Semester II
Common to all branch :
Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology:
Subject 1 Molecular Pharmaceutics (NANOTECH And Targeted Dds)
Subject 2 Advanced Biopharmaceutics And Pharmacokinetics
Subject 3 Computer Aided Drug Delivery System
Subject 4 Cosmetic And Cosmeceuticals
Subject 5 Pharmaceutics Practical II
Quality Assurance :
Subject 1 Hazards And Safety Management
Subject 2 Pharmaceutical Validation
Subject 3 Audits And Regulatory Compliance
Subject 4 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology
Subject 5 Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance Practical II
2 Year
Semester III
Common to all branch :
Introduction to Dissertation
Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology:
Specialization Subject 5(Advanced Drug Delivery Systems Part II)
Quality Assurance :
Specialization Subject 5 (Validation and Product Development)
Semester IV
Common to all branch :
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