In order to have Unified Approach for actions and organized documentation by all involved, a core team is set up at Faculty of Technology under Dean-FoT as Core Administration Group.
Prof. K. N. Sheth - Dean , Faculty of Technology
1 Planning and Development      
Dean   Dr. M. A. Patel  
2 Academics      
Dean   Dean - Dr. N. J. Kothari  
Asso. Dean   Dr. B. S. Bhatt  
3 Accreditation and (Govt.) Approvals      
Dean   Dr. C. K. Bhensadadia  
Asso. Dean   Dr. N. J. Kothari  
  Dr. R. H. Alad  
4 Faculty Welfare      
Dean   Dr. M. S. Rao  
Asso. Dean   Dr. H. K. Shah  
5 Student Welfare      
Dean   Dr. G. D. Bassan  
Asso. Dean   Dr. C. K. Patel  
  Prof. Hetal Shah  
Ex-Officio   Prof. S. S. Thavalapill  
6 Research and Innovation      
Dean   Dr. H. S. Mazumdar  
Asso. Dean   Dr. V. K. Dabhi  
7 Admission and Program Promotion      
Dean   Dr. V. A. Shah  
Asso. Dean   Dr. V. K. Dabhi  
8 Training Placement and Industry Institute Interaction      
Dean   Dr. B. S. Bhatt  
Placement Officer   Dr. S. S. Khandelwal  
9 E-Gov & Networking      
Dean   Dr. P. D. Dalal  
Asso. Dean   Dr. M. S. Bhatt  
10 Testing, Consultancy and Extension      
Dean   Dr. A. P. Desmukh  
Asso. Dean   Dr. V. M. Thummar  
11 Alumni Affairs      
Dean   Dr. P. A. Joshi  
12 Examination      
Controller of Examination   Prof. M. R. Bhavsar  
Co-ordinaator   Dr. J. L. Purohit  
Co-ordinaator   Prof. C. S. Dalal  
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