Dean's Message
Dr. Hiren Patel
Faculty of Dental Science
On behalf of Faculty of Dental Science college staff & students, I warmly welcome you.
Ours is a premier institute imparting excellent clinical education & scientific research training to the enrolled students. The college is an integral part of prestigious Dharmsinh Desai University and is recognized by Dental Council of India for its undergraduate & postgraduate courses.
Our dental college exhibits an array of equipments starting from basic to most contemporary & advanced gadgets like Lasers, Endodontic microscope, Dolphin Imaging Software, etc.Every year approximately 1,20,000 patients undergo various kind of dental treatments in our institute. A dedicated Oral Cancer Centre has been functioning to curb & treat the ill-effects of tobacco.
Lectures, preclinical/clinical demonstrations, field surveys, seminars, journal clubs, dental check-up & education camps are a regular phenomenon in the institute. Knowledgeable and scholarly teachers are hallmark of our institution.
Along with routine academic activities, annual sports week & talent evening celebrations do happen wherein the students & staff display their hidden extra-curricular flare.
In a short span of 13 years of its existence, graduates & postgraduates from Faculty of Dental Science College, Nadiad have spread across the globe & they enjoy most respectable positions in their field.
Women's Cell
Dr. Harita Shah
Dr. Grishma Doria-Key Person
Dr. Himani Tiwari
Dr. Anal Trivedi
Board of Studies (U.G.)
Dr. Hiren Patel
Dr. Shalini Agrawal-Key Person
Dr. Vishal Patel
Dr. Uday Patel-External Member
Dr. Harsh Shah-External Member
Dr. Chirag Patel
Dr. Urvi Shah
Dr. Manan Shah-Technical Resource Person
Board of Studies (P.G.)
Dr. Hiren Patel
Dr. Vasumati Patel-Key Person
Dr. Bhupesh Patel
Dr. Ina Patel-External Member
Dr. Adarsh Desai-External Member
Dr. Somil Mathur
Dr. Aakash Shah
Dr. Dipti Chokshi
Dr. Naman Vaidya-Technical Resource Person
Research Progress Committee
Dr. Hiren Patel-Dean
Dr. Aakash Shah
Dr. Somil Mathur
Dr. Vasumati Patel
Dr. Jwalit Mehta-Internal Member
Dr. Neel Shah-Technical Resource Person
Ethical Committee
Dr. Jigar Mehta-Chair Person
Dr. Bhupesh Patel
Dr. Manish Solanki-Basic Medical Scientist
Dr. Mitesh Patel
Dr. Vasumati Patel
Dr. Haren Pandya
Dr. Somil Mathur
DR. Dipti Choksi
Mr. Mrugen Purohit
Mr. Kalpesh Patel
Dr. Kartik Dholakia
Dr. Pradyumankumar A. Joshi
Dr. Annad Pithadia
Library Committee
Dr. Hiren Patel
Dr. Priti Shah-Key Person
Dr. Dipti Choksi
Dr. Bijal Bhavsar
Dr. Hiral Purani
Dr. Chirag Patel-Key Person
Dr. Manan Shah
Dr. Ronak Patel
Student Counsellers
Dr. Vishal Patel-Key Person
Dr. Meghna Pujara-Key Person
Dr. Hetul Patel
Dr. Harita Shah
Spots & Telents committee
Dr. Bhupesh Patel-Key Person
Dr. Urvi Shah
Dr. Harita Shah
Dr. Trishla Patel
Dr. Meghna Pujara
CDE Committee
Dr. Priti Shah-Key Person
Dr. Manan Shah
Dr Aastha Buch
Dr. Bhagyshree Desai
Dr. Hemal Patel
Dr. Anal Trivedi
Anti Ragging Committee
Dr. Hiren Patel-Chairman
Dr. Somil Mathur-Member
Dr. Aakash Shah-Member
Dr. Dipti Choksi-Member
Dr. Vasumati Patel-Member
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