Admission Year 2024-2025
Admission Reporting 2024 (BTech, Sem-1)
A student who has got an admission during academic year 2024-2025 in the Engineering program in Dharmsinh Desai University is required to report their admission by visiting the Reporting Centre with all necessary documents. Read the following instructions for further details. 
Engineering Admission Reporting Centre
ACPC Help Centre, First Floor, Faculty of Technology Building, Dharmsinh Desai University, Nadiad
Centre is open on all working days (except Sundays and Holidays) as per the following timings.
Monday to Friday: 11:00AM to 5:00PM
Saturday: 10:00AM to 1:30PM
Required Documents for Admission Reporting at DDU
ACPC admission (Bring photocopies of all documents)
1. Passport Photograph
2. Provisional Admission Letter
3. Marksheet of GUJCET
4. 12th Marksheet
5. 10th Marksheet
6. School Leaving Certificate
8. Original Freeship Card ( ONLY if Applicable )
NRI/MQ admission (Bring photocopies of all documents)
1. Passport Photograph
2. DDU Fee Receipt / Admission letter (mentioning Admission Category and Branch)
3. Marksheet of GUJCET
4. 12th Marksheet
5. School Leaving Certificate
7. ACPC Registration Letter (mentioning ACPC merit number), if registered.
FAQs for Admission Reporting at DDU, through ACPC
Common Questions
Question (Student): What should I do after I confirm my admission in the ACPC portal?
Answer:  You should immediately download the Provisional Admission Letter and you should report your admission to DDU.
Question (Student): What is the meaning of Admission Reporting?
Answer:  It means you have to submit necessary documents related to the admission to DDU and DDU will provide you your username and password for DDU Registration Portal.
Questions related to Freeship Category
Question (Student): I have got admission in the Freeship category (SC or ST with Freeship card) and I did not have to pay any fees to ACPC for confirming my admission. However, now I cannot get a Freeship card from the government department, will DDU consider my admission under the Freeship category?
Answer:  No, DDU cannot consider your admission under the Freeship category without a valid Freeship card. You should get your Freeship Card from the government department as early as possible and then you should report your admission, before the due date. (Kindly refer the ACPC Circular on their websites for further details.
Questions related to Reshuffling Round
Question (Student): In the previous round I had got an admission in another college and I had reported my admission to that college, now in the reshuffling round I have got admission in DDU, do I need to report my admission to DDU, if yes, how?
Answer:  Yes, admission reporting is College specific. You need to report your admission to DDU.
Question (Student): I have already reported my admission to DDU in the previous round (Round 1 or Round 2) and in a reshuffling round (Round 2 or Round 3), I have got admission in the same Engineering branch and in the same seat category in DDU. Now, do I need to report my admission?
Answer:  If there is no change in any admission related information, except Round number, and you have already reported in the previous round to DDU, then you are not required to report your admission again.
Question (Student): In which situation, I have to report my admission of reshuffling round to DDU again?
Answer:  If there is any change in either Institute Name ( DDU, SFI or DDU, GIA), or any change in Seat Allocated Category, or any change in Program Allocated, you need to report your admission again. You need to provide your existing username, provided by DDU for the previous reporting, while reporting again for the reshuffling round.
Question (Student): For reporting of an admission taken under a reshuffling round, which admission letter I have to submit?
Answer:  You need to submit Provisional Admission Letter of the reshuffling round. If you had not reported for a previous round admission to DDU, and in the reshuffling round, there is no change in the admission information, then you need to download and submit Provisional Admission Letter of the reshuffling round for reporting the admission; you cannot submit the letters of a previous round.
Important Note: For admission with Freeship card, student has to submit an original Freeship card while reporting the admission.
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