Evolution of Orthodontic Brackets Completed
A systemic review on the protocol of management of cleft lip and palate Completed
A systemic review on surgical versus non surgical management of class III malocclusion Completed
Correlation of TMJ Disorders and Orthodontic Treatment Ongoing
Soft Tissue response to hard tissue changes Ongoing
Retention process in stabilizing tooth positon after treatment with orthodontic treatment Ongoing
Laboratery testing of orthodonic materials Ongoing
Orthodontic adhesive and cements Ongoing
Management of vertical problem Ongoing
Effect of Forsus Fatigue Resistant Device v/s Bionator on mandibular growth modulation: Cephalometricstudy:Randomised controlled trial Completed
Effect of Rapid Maxillary Expansion(RME) on nasal airway,nasal airway volume and nasal airway resistance: a computer tomographic study: randomized controlled trial Completed
Cephalometric comparative study on Class I malocclusion in Caucasian and Indian population: Coben Analysis Completed
Comparison between clinical efficiency of Self ligating and conventional bracket systems during initial alignment:Model study Ongoing
Comparing the efficacy of Intrusive mechanics between Conventional mechanics versus the Skeletal Anchored mechanics: Cephalometric study :A Randomized Control trial: Ongoing
Comparison of acceleration of tooth movement with low energy laser irradiation with conventional orthodontic treatment-split mouth design: Model study Ongoing
Mentalis Muscle activity in Normal Positioned Mandible Versus Functional Mandibular Retrusion: A Comparative Electromyographic Study. Ongoing
Effect of Retraction of Incisors in all First Premolar Extractions on lower airway volume: An Evaluative Cephalometric study. Ongoing
Alleviation of pain during orthodontic treatment by low level laser therapy in comparison to pharmapeutic management: A Randomized Controlled Trial Ongoing
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